In my current body of work, titled "Invented Hybrids", I create imagined variations and combinations of flora, fauna and fungal species. This series of work grew out of my interest in invasive species and the adaptability of plant life. It has since expanded to include many life forms, spanning flora, marine invertebrates, insects, lichens, mushrooms and molds. Initially, I conduct research and draw from observation. Then, I abstract, embellish and combine shapes. Similarities in structure and pattern across species and kingdoms emerge. I recreate mutated and amalgamated versions of these forms in a variety of media, ranging from works on paper to fiber-based sculpture to kiln-formed glass. The Invented Hybrids defy identification and exist as separate species. Colors range from natural to synthetic and artificial combinations occur. The Invented Hybrids represent an alternative future in which species have merged to create new life forms, an adaptation required by the changing conditions of our planet. They coexist in ambiguous spaces and ask the viewer to consider their origins and the circumstances in which they developed.